What is the Lentera Bagi Bangsa (LBB) program?

LBB is an educational scholarship program to support students from financially-challenged families at Sekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH) schools.

How much is required to support one student?

With only IDR 300,000.-/month for students from Sumatera, Nias, Java, Rote, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Sulawesi and Sentani and IDR 500,000.-/month for students from Interior Papua, you will have contributed toward a student education at SLH.

What is Lentera Bagi Bangsa’s mission? How does LBB accomplish it?

LBB’s mission is to help as many children as possible to receive a quality education regardless of their financial ability. As we hope to serve even more students throughout Indonesia, we need your help to do so. If one person helps one student, then we can help all.

What materials will I receive when I support a student? And how do I get these?

When you commit to supporting a student, you will receive a newsletter, a thank you note or drawing from the student, and a second semester report card by August/September.

To obtain these, you can login to your donor's page at

  1. There is donor information which you can edit, including change of password.
  2. Information on the students receiving your support
  3. Student’s name, school location, class, period of scholarship
  4. Thank you letter/drawing
  5. 2nd semester report card
  6. Donation list: education scholarship, one time donation, success and failed attempts will be listed there

For more information, please visit our website
Contact us:
T. +62811 894 7500
IG/FB. Lenterabagibangsa